1. How does it all work? Have you chosen the NOTENT camping unit? Great, just let us know what type of car you own and it’s year of manufacture. We will mutually agree on the dimensions of the camping unit and then we will send you a contract and a proforma invoice. The rest of the amount is due upon delivery. Once the installation is made, you can come to our factory in Svitavy. This is the best, not only because we will be happy to see you, but also because we can personally show you how to use the camping unit properly and secure it in your car. But, of course, the units can also be sent via forwarding services, the price of the service varies according to the delivery address.
2. What is included in the price? Everything you need for a comfortable sleeping in the car. The price is final and includes a lightly decomposable construction, a comfortable folding mattress with a removable cover and certified anchoring straps for secure attachment of the bed constructioon in the luggage compartment. You can read more about used materials in the "More information" tab.
3. What are the dimensions of a bed and mattress? Simply such that both just fit into the interior of your car. The width is most often between 120 and 140 cm. Length up to 2 meters, again depending on how spacious your car is. Mattress and construction of our camping unit mostly copy the shape of the interior. The height of the entire construction is adjusted so that it can be spread over the folded rear seats of your car.
4. How complicated is manipulation with the camping unit? And what about storage? This is the great charm of our solution. One person can handle it in or out really playfully. And you can easily solve storage problems even in a small apartment. The construction has folding legs, so it takes up only a few centimeters to a depth during storage.
5. Do you manufacture camping units according to the specific requirements of the client? Yes and no. For capacity reasons, we no longer offer the production of an atypical variety of drawer solutions, where everyone wants the drawer a little different and otherwise large, but we want to focus on our solution, because we see many benefits in this type of construction. Therefore, we will not agree on atypical customized units. However, we will try to accommodate you with minor adjustments to the dimensions of our solution, such as the total height of the construction, the thickness of the mattress etc.
6. Which cars is the NOTENT camping unit suitable for? Our camping unit is most suitable for the MPV segment, both smaller Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Rifter, etc. and larger Toyota Proace Verso, Peugeot Traveler, etc. Furthermore, for VAN cars such as Mercedes Vito, V-Klasse, VW Caravelle, Multivan, etc. We can implement the camping unit also into smaller cars such as VW Passat, Škoda Superb, etc.
7. I did not find my car type between the realized projects, what now? Simply send us an e-mail with an inquiry. Do not forget to add information about the model of your car, year of manufacture and ideally also a photo of the interior taken from the fifth door. Leave us a contact and we will get back to you.
8. How long after ordering can I look forward to my camping unit? This varies depending on the time of year. In the busier months (typically spring and early summer), delivery times can climb up to eight weeks, out of season it is usually up to four weeks. We are doing our best to shorten the deadlines as much as possible so that you can set off on the first trip as soon as possible, unfortunately, we cannot influence everything. Therefore, we definitely advise you not to leave the order at the last minute.
9. Do you keep camping units in stock? There are so many cars for which are NOTENT camping units suitable for. So it is certainly not possible to have everything in stock. But for Toyota Proace, Peugeot Traveler and Citroen Spacetourer, we always try to keep several units in stock. However, numbers are changing rapidly and we may be sold out. Write to us to book your unit in stock in time.
10. What is the load capacity of the construction? The construction can safely and with reserve carry two average adults and something extra. Guaranteed load capacity is 230 kg.
11.Does the mattress perfectly copy the whole interior? The mattresses have shaped cutouts so as to copy the car's interior. Nevertheless, with regard to the specific type of interior, for example, a few centimeters on each side can be missing on the rear door. However, this will certainly not affect your comfort during sleeping.
12. Is it possible to choose a mattress in a different thickness or color? Yes it is. Standard mattresses are 8 cm thick and have a dark grey cover. Our 8 cm is the ideal thickness for comfortable sleeping, which you will definitely not "lie down". However, you can also choose a mattress in lower thicknesses of 7 and 6 cm, just state your wishes in the order. It is also possible to choose from other cover colors for an additional fee. You can find the fabric sampler on our website.
13. Is something screwed into the car body? Nothing. The camping unit is simply placed in the car trunk and when you are driving, the camping unit is for safety secured with special straps into the anchoring eyes, which are already part of the interior. You can use the camping unit without any irreversible interference with your car.
14. What if I don't want a mattress, do you just give me the construction itself? Why break what works great together? If you want to wake up well, you need a quality mattress and we offer it together with our camping unit. Believe us, the alternatives as a tourist mat or piece of foam are uncomfortable and impractical and will not copy the shape of the interior as well as our mattresses. In addition, the price of the mattress is already included in the price of the camping unit. But if you insist that you want only the construction itself without our mattress, we will talk to you, but we will agree.
15. What are the product warranties? We provide standard guarantees, i.e. 24 months. It is important to mention that claims cannot be made about the defects caused by mechanical wear, incorrect or inappropriate use and to wear caused by normal use. As a manufacturer, we are also not liable for damage to health or property caused by incorrect or unprofessional use of the camping units.